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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 3:03 pm

Official Rules

The Rules

1. No posting videos/pictures with anything along these lines: offensive, racist, nudity content (includes signatures and avatars).
2. Don't double post.
3. Don't attempt to impersonate staff or any other member.
4. No swearing, whether it be offensive or not.
5. If said forum has a guideline, follow it.
6. No flooding or flood-baiting.
7. Only advertise in advertising sections.
8. No saying our name in disrepute.
9. Inform us of any bugs/glitches and don't abuse or tell a non-staff member it.
10. Respect each and everyone of the users at Planet Advertise.
11. Only bump if it's been 24 hours of your last post on that topic.

Warn Bars
The warn bar that is in place (the bar on your profile) is severe, it is basically your behaviour on the forum. If you break a rule, it will go down, here's the meaning of each one. [/img]

Rules 14vsq5x
Brilliant! Your doing great, you havn't broken a rule (this is also the default one).

Rules Ip8oyt
Well, a mistake there, that's one warn, you should carefully read the rules.

Rules 4qo6ex
Your not doing to good, you should take your time when you post.

Rules O5x08k
Take your time when you post, your going wrong, one more rule broken, and you will get a ban.

Rules Rs772a
Your banned.

-Planet Advertise.

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